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Nickatronprops - movie prop replica specialists

About Nickatronprops

Hi, I'm Nick and I specialise in making 1:1 prop replicas. I sell high quality resin castings for a variety of props from classic films. These castings range from tiny detailed parts for finishing your scratchbuilds to full kits.

I have worked on models and props for music videos, commercials and even a few fan films. If you have any questions please contact me.

My benefits
  • Great affordable prices
  • Worldwide delivery
Why choose me?
  • Over 5 years experience
  • 100% customer satisfaction

Latest products

  • Ecto goggle frames

    Ecto goggle frames

    Ecto goggle frames cast from the real deal in high quality fibreglass.

  • Ecto goggle kit

    Ecto goggle kit

    Kit for building a pair of ecto goggles. Includes frames cast in high grade fibreglass, resin side dials, battery cover, lenses and thumbscrews.

  • GB2 cup/plate/battery set.

    GB2 cup/plate/battery set.

    Complete set for the battery pack used on the semi-hero proton packs. Includes resin casts of the correct makita batteries.

  • A. Hero style proton pack kit

    A. Hero style proton pack kit

    A proton pack kit including casts of... Hero shell Thrower kit Bumper PPD Bellows Injector tubes Filler plug set R-331 clippard Vac tube/plate Hero HGA Crank knob Booster frame Ion arm Booster tube plug N-filter Resistor set Rubber spacer set Also includes all hoses and a free label sheet!